St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Burton, MI

Altar Servers
Altar servers are under the supervision of the Rector. Boys who are seven years of age and who have acquired their reading skills may begin serving at the Holy Altar.

Church School
The Church School is organized on four levels: Pre-School and kindergarten; Level One (grades 1-4); Level Two (grades 5-8) and Level Three (grades 9-12). Under the overall supervision of the Rector, classes are held immediately after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings.
Parents can enroll their children by calling the church office at 810-744-0070.

St Nicholas Choir
Reader J. Joseph Tome is the parish choir director.  Reader Alexander Gonser serves as parish cantor. The choir sings on Sundays and major feast days, with weekday, Festal and and Saturday evening services sung from the Kliros.

Parish Council
The parish council is made up of elected members from the parish faithful.  Officers are: Sharon Jernigan (President), Paul Brayan (Vice-President), Ellyn Serra (Secretary), and Susie Ford (Treasurer).


Music for congregational singing

Pew Book with music

Litany of Peace

1st Antiphon

Little Litanies

2nd Antiphon

3rd Antiphon

Entrance hymn


and to your spirit

Glory to you, O Lord

Augmented Litany

Litany of the catechumens

Litanies of the faithful


Litany of completion

And to your spirit

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

the anaphora

it is meet and right

Holy, holy, holy

Amen - longer version

We praise you

Hymn to the Theotokos

and all mankind

Litany before the Lord's prayer

Lord's prayer

One is holy

Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord

We have seen the true Light

Let our mouths be filled

Litany of thanksgiving

prayer behind the ambon

Blessed be the name of the Lord